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Verified Goby Owner
Providence forge, VA

Just amazing!

My teeth feel so clean and healthy! It’s like a daily dental visit! Love it!

Verified Goby Owner

My mouth feels clean AF

I don't know how I have been a peasant for so long. Brushing my teeth like I lived in the 1950's. Who doesn't use electric toothbrushes? The fools in this world! My teeth feel cleaner than ever. I actually brush for two minutes now, who even knows how... Continue Reading

Gilbert, AZ

Loving This Toothbrush!

I am in braces and this brush is perfect for getting in and around my wires and brackets. It's a soft brush and gentle on my teeth. I love the timing feature and the over all clean feeling I get when I use this brush. The GOBY is PERFECT in my book.

Verified Goby Owner
Los Angeles, CA

who knew brushing teeth would feel ~cool~

my orange goby toothbrush makes me feel like i am in an ad when i brush my teeth, it is rad it is also good at actually brushing my teeth

Verified Goby Owner
Houston, TX


I love my new Goby brush, and so does my husband! I love the timed aspect of it and how comfortable it is to use. Definitely will keep re-using and re-purchasing!!!

Verified Goby Owner
Houston, TX

So Fresh & So Clean

Goby was just what I was looking for in an electric toothbrush. The circular head hits on every tooth and gets the areas you normally couldn't reach with a regular brush. It's a little loud but worth it in my opinion. Also love the 30 second timer feature. My teeth have never felt so clean!

Verified Goby Owner
Madison, WI

Game Changer

This is the new gold standard for toothbrushes...or rose...or black...

Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY

30 second reminder

The 30 second timer is my favorite feature on the Goby. It makes sure I'm able to reach every part of my mouth.

Verified Goby Owner
Parsippany , NJ

Best toothbrush I’ve ever had

Since using the Goby, I felt that I’ve stepped foot out of the doctors office every time. It gets crevices that a manual toothbrush’s wouldn’t reach.

Verified Goby Owner
Elmhurst, NY

New goby

The brush is more than I expected. I find the brush to really clean my teeth and mouth. And I love my gold handle