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Verified Goby Owner
Lisle , IL

Rose Gold Metallic Toothbrush

I Love The Color! I’m glad it has a sensitive setting because it’s packs a punch. This brush cleans your teeth very good. I noticed a huge difference with how white my teeth look and feel very clean. This a good quality and affordable electric toothbrush. I highly recommend it!

Verified Goby Owner
Passaic, NJ

Plaque free pearls

I got this toothbrush because I had a quip that I thought was cool but was leaving me underwhelmed recently. I had to be super careful every time I switched heads. And the motor was ok. Plus I still had to put in work to get a great clean feeling afte... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
San Francisco, CA

Love my Goby!

I have had an electric toothbrush for years==meh, so-so. However, got my Goby and WOW!!! My teeth feel so much cleaner! I went traveling and took one of those manual electric brushes. Blah! Couldn't wait until I got back to my Goby. Then I had s... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner

Mom-Dad-Kid all brushing on the reg!

Happy to be motivated to brush with an electric toothbrush again! I bought three brushes as a valentine's day gift this year for the three of us! I'm really happy about what this will mean for our dentist appointments in the years ahead!

Verified Goby Owner
Indianapolis, IN

Never felt cleaner

I seriously have never had my mouth feel cleaner than when I use the Goby. ITS CRAZY. I've heard of different electric toothbrushes you can find online, but Goby takes the cake. I've been talking about it to friends and coworkers because of how clean my mouth feels. It's great!

Verified Goby Owner
Pittsburg, CA

Happy Customer

I appreciate that it came in a timely manner, was easy to set up and the quality is the best! It took awhile to get the hang of it. The lower speed works best as I have had dental work. Also at first I was focusing on my gumline but now I’m actually b... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Long Island City , NY

Love it

My boyfriend had a really clunky and unattractive electric toothbrush set up and was trying to convince me to upgrade my regular toothbrush. We ended up both getting matching Goby toothbrushes and love them. They don't take up much space, the charge l... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Calumet Township, MI

Pro cleaning feel

LOVE this toothbrush! Charged as soon as it came, and that night it was ready to use. It honestly felt like I had just left a cleaning from the dentist, my teeth were so smooth and clean. Also love the sensitive option while I adapted to using an electric toothbrush.

Verified Goby Owner
Alexandria, VA

My New Goby

My teeth are cleaner than ever. I love my Goby!

Verified Goby Owner
frankfort, IL

Got them for the whole family.

We all like our Goby toothbrushes and feel like our teeth are cleaner and our gums are in better shape!