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Verified Goby Owner
Cedar Falls, IA


I bought this at my dentist because I’m prone to plaque buildup and my gums are receding in the front bottom row. It is so great, love the sensitive setting, and I can literally feel the difference. I’ll never go back to a regular toothbrush.

Verified Goby Owner
Arlington , VA

Love it

I truly enjoy my goby toothbrush, my first time using an electric toothbrush and wish I bought sooner! The fact that my toothbrush has some style is a plus!

Verified Goby Owner

My Goby Designer Toothbrush

I LOVE IT! First of all I stopped using my old electric toothbrush because it was just plain ugly with the cords hanging everywhere. I have to be honest and say that what first attracted me to Goby was his "good looks". Mine is black and it matches... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner

MY Goby Electric Toothbrush

5+ star rating! I bought 5 at Christmas for my grandchildren--whom love them --and amazingly their dental check ups improved dramaticly! Then I bought one for myself and now wonder what I did without it!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Verified Goby Owner
Ramsey, MN

My new GOBY.

I switched from a Sonicare Electric to a Goby. I had the Sonicare for years, there was nothing wrong with it I just wanted to change I had seen a lot of different ones come on the market. I did some research and landed on the Goby. It took about a mo... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Ellijay , GA


Love the brush and my hygienist thinks its doing a great job also. 🥰👍😘♥️

Verified Goby Owner
Milwaukee, WI

Goby Toothbrush

I debated getting another brand for a new toothbrush. The other brand I was eyeing for awhile, but wasn’t quite convinced. I am glad I waited, as I came across the Goby. The benefit of a traditional electric toothbrush without the bulk and dangling cords. Stylish and charge lasts for weeks.

Verified Goby Owner
Diamond Bar , CA


I enjoy using this brush. Does a good job and keeps a charge for many days. The charging base is easy to clean. I get a new brush head every three months.

Verified Goby Owner
Tyler, TX

Goby Toothbrush

Great product, wonderful price compared to some of the "High Price Spread" Great color selection, and we love our GOBY

Verified Goby Owner
Milton, MA

I love this toothbrush!

I can't use a manual toothbrush so the Goby is exactly what I need. I love the new brush head automatically shipped to me every three months. It holds a charge for a week plus so there is no stand and chord that needs to be on the counter all the ti... Continue Reading