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Verified Goby Owner
Lexington, KY

Goby toothbrush

Love the toothbrush!

Verified Goby Owner
South Gate, CA

Most beautiful toothbrush for a first time electric brush user

First off, this is the first electric toothbrush I've ever owned and used. As a first time user, the very first thing I noticed was just how beautifully designed the brush is. I chose the black and rose gold design and love how it looks. After a c... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Rougemont, NC

Great Product

Great toothbrush. Have had it for a few weeks now and honestly only charged it once, still running without charging. Works great, have no issues with how it operates. Personally I like using the speed that is not quite as hard/fast but my mouth still feels just as clean.

Clinton, IA

Goby electric toothbrush

I Love my toothbrush ! I have sensitive gums and haven't had any problems with my gums being sore at all . We are ordering one for my wife !

Verified Goby Owner
Medford, MA

2nd one I’ve owned

I dropped the first one after 2 years of owning and it stopped working. Didn’t hesitate to buy a new one. I think the charge doesn’t last as long as it ages, this new brush lasts over two weeks. The last one I would have to charge at least once a week... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
St. Paul, MN

Great customer service!

I had a pink Goby for over a year until the back plate fell off. I contacted customer service and they promptly replied offering to send me a replacement. The pink was out of stock so they sent me a brand new brush kit in a color of my choice. I chose... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
San Francisco, CA

Good product, that will not last long

The first time I got a Goby I was so happy with the product and the power this toothbrush had. After 3 months I started noticing several quality problems, like the brush was starting to get lose, the power didn't last more than 3 or 4 brush without ch... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Westwood, NJ

My Goby Toothbrush

I love the Goby! It gives me a great cleaning, I love the looks, and the ease of changing the brush. I previously had a Quip, but getting the brush off to change it is very awkward, I broke 2 of them, and their customer service is near nonexistent.

San Francisco , CA

Overpriced Subpar Brush

Received this as a gift from my friend. Overall the brush is not much better than my manual toothbrush and to find out this is $75 what a rip off. Go on amazon and spend $30 for nice electric toothbrush with 6-8 extra brushes.

Verified Goby Owner
Greenfield, NH

Amazing Customer Service! Thank you Patrice!

My Goby had a burning smell and needed to be replaced so I contacted the company. Patrice Chatman responded in less than 24 hours and let me know that there was a lifetime warranty and she would replace it-no problem. Then she said if she sent me a la... Continue Reading