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Verified Goby Owner
Dublin, OH


Amazing product and service as well! Definitely recommend

Verified Goby Owner
Austin, TX

Customer Service Review

So I have not used the tooth brush yet but I had to give Goby's Customer service team a 5-star review. I ordered my brush last week and, like an idiot, I put the wrong address for shipping. Once I realized my mistake, I reached out to customer service... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Redwood City, CA

Great Buy

Hi Goby, I bought two. One for myself and one for my Mom or Dad. Dad got a hold of it first and told me he "loves it" as do I. Best Govind

Verified Goby Owner
Kailua, HI

Goby toothbrush

This toothbrush is great. I like it much better than the old one I had. It holds the charge longer and stays powerful. Their customer service is great too. There was a problem with a brush head not spinning and they promptly sent me 2 more (upon my... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Houston, TX

Love it!!!!

I love the look of the all black brush, the brush head is perfect. I will be purchasing more

Verified Goby Owner
Plymouth, MA

Hey, This Works!

A user-friendly design concept that works perfectly. You charge it overnight and that's about it. I had to use the lower setting for a few days until my teeth got used to the power of the brush. This brush is really unfussy. The vibe is fun and th... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Myrtle Beach, SC

Neat and Effective Toothbrush

I started looking into upgrading our toothbrushes about six months ago. We were using the semi-disposable, AA powered brushes which were an upgrade from manual brushes and portable for travel. (I had been on the test panel before the were introduced m... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Charlotte, NC

Great at brushing, falls short on power

The Goby brush has really improved my dental hygiene by simplifying my twice daily brushing. I went for a routine cleaning yesterday and the dental hygienist cancelled the deep cleaning that had been recommended because it's just not needed. My bigges... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Santa Monica, CA

Clever design, works great

I really appreciate the care and thought that went into the design of my Goby, particularly the charging/storage stand. It's a clever touch to be able to charge the brush handle in or out of the stand, and I like the way the charging plate attaches sm... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Snow Camp, NC

Best toothbrush I have ever owned !!!

I just received my Goby and already I am in love !!!! My teeth feel like I just had them cleaned at the Dentist office. I have the all Black one and it is awesome !!!! Customer service is great too-especially Ushma