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Verified Goby Owner
effort, PA

Best Customer Service Ever!

I work in customer service so I know how it can be but I had an issue with my tooth brush and not only were they prompt in replying to my concerns but they correct it for me with such ease that I almost didn't believe it. I've had my Goby tooth brush ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
waco, TX

Great Brush with all I need

Wanted a nicer, new toothbrush but scoffed at the idea of paying over $100 for some of the competitors, not to mention pricey brush heads. This seemed quite reasonable and was recommended by my dentist. So far, so good!

Verified Goby Owner
Watertown, MA

Pretty in Pink

Oh how I love my pretty pink toothbrush! While aesthetically pleasing, it's also just a darn good toothbrush. Really cleans your teeth and is easy to charge and take on the go, not too heavy. I love it! Get one!

Verified Goby Owner
Iron River, MI

My Goby toothbrush !

I can't say enough good things about this toothbrush! Have been using it for a week now and am so pleased with the results! Love the sensitive mode, the timer to change quadrants of your mouth for brushing! And it does't rattle my head like other elec... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Coopersville, MI

Thought it was a scam at first but it's great!

Coming from a cheap spin brush, I decided it was time for a better electric toothbrush that charged instead of taking batteries all the time. After comparing numerous different models, brands, prices, etc. I decided to watch some reviews on YouTube. I... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Milwaukie , OR

The best & cutest.

I seriously love my goby. I have the baby pink & I’ve had it for about 8 months now. I had an issue with mine and customer service kindly sent me another one with no problem! This is the toothbrush that has style & cleans amazingly well. Having great ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY

Best toothbrush FAR above the rest

This is hands down the best toothbrush i've ever had and used. I'm very grateful for my orthodontist for introducing me to it. Before my Goby, i was using and trying every electric toothbrush and there was none that left me satisfied, which is why i k... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Las Vegas, NV

My New Goby

Love it! Lots of cleaning power in a conveniently compact cordless package. I only hope it's more durable than the quip I had--which I liked but less so than the Goby. My quip's motor failed in less than a year, and the return policy was too complicated to use the warranty.

Verified Goby Owner
Bridgewater, NJ


I bought myself a Goby toothbrush, and absolutely loved it!!! I then bought 2 more for my kids. They love Goby!! Finally - I realized I hadn't bought my husband a Goby. Yes, I bought him one and he loves it!!! One big happy family with great teeth... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Denison, TX

Love it!

Great toothbrush! I really like the prompts every 30 seconds to change quadrants; I feel like I get a more thorough clean. Also love the reasonably price replacement heads!