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Verified Goby Owner
Houston, TX

Party in my mouth!!

OBSESSED WITH THIS TOOTH BRUSH! My mouth and teeth feel so clean when I’m done. I feel it removing all the nasty stuff from my teeth. I don’t have to worry about how long to brush for it tells me and I never have to think about getting a new brush hea... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner

great toothbrush

Easy to use and keep clean. Battery stays recharged several weeks. I am very happy with it and will also use it for travel. Love the pink color!!

Verified Goby Owner
Union Beach, NJ


Both my boys received a Goby thru the orthodontist because they just got braces. They love it!! It is so easy to use and they like they each section of their mouth is time

Verified Goby Owner
Salinas, CA

Goby toothbrush

Loved it!

Verified Goby Owner
Minneapolis, MN


So I'm currently living in Sweden and was SUPER upset when I saw I could not get this delivered abroad. HOWEVER, I shipped the toothbrush to my mom and then asked her to ship it here. BEST DECISION EVER! I am so glad I invested in this toothbrush. ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Astoria, NY

Incredible--feels like a professional cleaning every day!

This toothbrush is incredible; I'll never go back to plain battery-run toothbrushes or other electric brushes. I loved that the box instructions came with a reminder not to run the faucet while I'm brushing, so now I'm saving water, too! The light vib... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY

Nothing feels as good as a GOBY clean

There is an old adage - "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Well, today's adage should be "Nothing feels as good as a GOBY clean". Seriously, my teeth have never felt this clean in my life. It's almost as if I am going to the dentist twice pe... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Honolulu, AK

Dis is da best toothbrush ever brah

It brushes my teeth with the strength of a thousand suns.

Verified Goby Owner
Ypsilanti, MI

Clean teeth

So far I really like my Goby! My teeth feel clean and sparkle!

Verified Goby Owner
Cambridge, MA

Great styling

Love the style and hand fit just wish it were more powerful.