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Verified Goby Owner
Austin, TX

My favorite!

This is my first electric toothbrush, and I've never been happier! The sensitive setting is perfect for me and the reminder buzz to move onto the next quadrant of my mouth is the best! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to better their ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Flushing, NY


I bought 3, and these work like a charm! Very affordable compared to other electronic brushes! I love the round head that makes it even better to brush! It does take awhile to get used to because it does have a high speed and a semi-lower speed. It al... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Oakland, CA

Fabulous toothbrush!

Your teeth and gums will feel and look so clean! Great toothbrush!

Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY

Love it!

I love my new GOBY toothbrush! My teeth have never been cleaner and I love the color....black handle, black brush head and even black bristles.

Verified Goby Owner
Boston, MA


Amazing packaging, stays charged for WEEKS, overall great design

Verified Goby Owner
Mountain View, CA

Not sonicare

It is cute and gets the job done; however, I was sold on this toothbrush being a cheaper version of my old electric sonicare...and it is cheap. While it works just fine it’s simply not as nice as my old brush. Even the sensitive setting seems a bit ha... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Suwanee, GA

Love it!

Awesome brush, and having the replacement heads sent is so convenient!

Verified Goby Owner
Los Angeles, CA

I like the look, I have some technical wishes

The brush looks amazing, and it's great having the brush heads automatically come to you so you don't have a nasty dirty brush head for too long. My two minor complaints are, I wish it didn't stop automatically at the 2 minute mark; I wish it just gav... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
San Antonio, TX

beautiful toothbrush!

i love my goby! it's simple and easy to use. it also isn't an eyesore on my counter like other electric toothbrushes are!

Verified Goby Owner

My Favorite Electric Toothbrush

It’s ADORABLE ( I bough the pink one). The brush heads are amazing quality. The packaging it came in was thought out very well. I love the soft touch silicone like finish. The stand is perfect, the charging card is fanstastic- I love that it’s not con... Continue Reading