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Verified Goby Owner
Los Angeles, CA

Good customer service for a moderately successful brush

I've had my Goby for several months and while it worked fine, it never reached beyond 8-9 days on a charge. I had the brush handle and brushes replaced but this has not solved the issue. I am now down to about 5-6 days per charge which is unfortunate,... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Great toothbrush

Great toothbrush, great price, easy monthly subscription for replacement heads. Highly recommend!

Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY

subscriptions are a savior

i look forward to every other month now!

Verified Goby Owner
new york, NY

Good review

the motor on the toothbrush is too loud - you can hear it across the apartment - needs to be quieter going forward. also needs a nicer cover when it's sitting on the counter - the cover gets calcium from toothpaste all over it & looks dirty.

Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY

Love this Brush!

I love this toothbrush - makes cleaning your teeth easier and more enjoyable. It looks neat and tidy in your bathroom and the fact that the charging and replacement pieces are so easy make its a 10/10. Definitely recommend.

Verified Goby Owner
Uniontown, PA


I love my Goby! The battery lasts so long! Cleans great!

Verified Goby Owner
minneapolis, MN

issa gud brush

I was looking for an electric toothbrush after my dentist told me i needed one. who knew i would find one on snapchat, but i did. super affordable, and the brush subscription keeps me on track. my favorite thing is the timed brush cycles, because i wasn't brushing long enough previously. thanks!

Verified Goby Owner


Thanks for a great toothbrush that doesn't cost me a fortune! Had a great checkup last week at DDS: Look, Ma, no cavities!! Love the timer too. No problem if I need to go over my time on one area. Recharging a lot less than the other brand :)

Verified Goby Owner
Florence , OR

Lovin’ it

It is great to brush my teeth with a bright orange color. It makes me smile. My mouth and teeth feel so great after use. I like that it has auto timing and more than one speed. I am glad I chose Goby.

Verified Goby Owner
, MN

Reliable & Good

No complaints. Power lasts for about 2 weeks without recharging. Got a great review at my recent cleaning, my hygienist even asked what kind of toothbrush am I using, because it's working great! Also had an improvement in my gum health.