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Verified Goby Owner
Monterey, CA


I have used cheap disposable electric toothbrushes in the past, so this is definitely a major improvement from that! I love that it tells me when to switch the area of my mouth I'm brushing, and my teeth feel seriously so clean!

Verified Goby Owner
New Rochelle, NY

Extremely good

I have had my toothbrush for about 2 weeks and I actually look forward to brushing my teeth! It has 2 strengths of brushing and I think that the harder one is a little to hard on my teeth but it charges quickly and cleans my teeth well.

Verified Goby Owner
Brooklyn, NY

Goby electric toothbrush

I love love love it!! Feel like a professional clean every time I use it!!!

Verified Goby Owner

Goby Classic Brush

Very impressed at the job this brush does. My teeth feel like I'm leaving the dentist after a cleaning every time I use my Goby!

Verified Goby Owner
Nashua, NH

Great Product

I love my Goby. Feels like when the dentist polishes your teeth. Can't wait see find out how my next dentist visit goes.

Verified Goby Owner
lynnwood , WA

Love it!!!

My teeth are being deep cleaned each time I use it and I absolutely love it! never EVER going back to anything else.

Verified Goby Owner
Rock Stream, NY

Customer support

My Goby had a defective battery that would not hold a charge, they sent me a new one after verifying the problem. Goby is good.

Verified Goby Owner
Lexington, KY

Goby toothbrush

Love the toothbrush!

Verified Goby Owner
South Gate, CA

Most beautiful toothbrush for a first time electric brush user

First off, this is the first electric toothbrush I've ever owned and used. As a first time user, the very first thing I noticed was just how beautifully designed the brush is. I chose the black and rose gold design and love how it looks. After a c... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Rougemont, NC

Great Product

Great toothbrush. Have had it for a few weeks now and honestly only charged it once, still running without charging. Works great, have no issues with how it operates. Personally I like using the speed that is not quite as hard/fast but my mouth still feels just as clean.