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Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY

Took a little time to come but very worth it!

One of the brushes I ordered (I ordered one black for my husband and one pink for myself) was out of stock so it took a little over a week and a half to come which wasn't bad! I guess I was just really eager to get my new brush because my stupid Oral ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Piermont, NY

Really cleans

Really cleans your teeth! Just as good as the expensive brands.

Verified Goby Owner
Somerset, NJ

New Goby toothbrush

I had never heard of Goby. When my old toothbrush died, I asked my daughter what electric toothbrush she was using. She told me about Goby and I ordered one. I am very happy with it----very different from my previous tooth brush. I will definately ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Charleston, SC

New brush!

After using my first Goby Brush for several years and having several components replaced, I decided to purchase a new unit. So far, to works like a charm. I just love the brush and I’m hoping this one is a new and better version of the original.

Indianapolis, IN

I can literally SEE a difference

My teeth are insanely clean, like dentist clean it's nuts. They LOOK different! So much better. Best toothbrush ever.

Verified Goby Owner

Great design

Toothbrush subscriptions are a great idea! The design of the Goby brush is very nice. The brush and base help keep it nice and clean compared to other power brushes.

Verified Goby Owner
Austin, TX

Feeling Fresh!

We switched from a battery powered brush and wow is there a difference! I really like the timer option and the fact that I don’t have to put much pressure on it to feel it cleaning my teeth.

Verified Goby Owner
Waverly, IA

Such a great toothbrush, I got one for my wife

My Goby, I bought through my dentist almost 2 years ago. I’ve loved it since then so much so that I bought one for my wife just recently. She’s had it several weeks now and is a convert to Goby. She loves how it stops and starts to tell you to move to... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Waterford, NY

Love it

Takes a while to charge but lasts a long time. Teeth are super clean and already less sensitive. Love it.

Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY


Love love the toothbrush. My teeth feel so much cleaner and love the way it looks in my bathroom