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Verified Goby Owner
West Newton, MA

Great toothbrush!

The round head leaves your teeth feeling so clean and I love that it has a sensitive mode. I would highly recommend this toothbrush!

Verified Goby Owner
Abilene, TX

My Goby

I've been using my goby for the past month and it is by far the best toothbrush I've ever had and it didn't cost a ton.

Verified Goby Owner
Hampton, VA


Great, love it.

Verified Goby Owner
Nashville, TN

Squeaky Clean!

Loving the Goby! The black & gold design is sexy & my teeth are squeaky clean!

Verified Goby Owner
Spring , TX

I have every toothbrush

I'm not one to leave feedback or pay much attention to feedback less than 1000 comments...but this toothbrush is by far the best I've ever had. I have every electric toothbrush ever made. When I used this one...I knew I would never use any of the others. Again...this comment is rare

Verified Goby Owner
Taneytown, MD

Great Value, Excellent results!

I have used the two major electric tooth brushes for years. Switched to Goby about 2 Yrs ago. The first unit I received failed after 6 months. they replaced the unit immediately. My dental check ups have been excellent since using these brushes. unit... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Tuscola, IL

Never going back

This is the best toothbrush ever. I was first looking into getting a Quip but read reviews about how Goby was better....they were right!

Verified Goby Owner
Brooklyn, NY

Squeaky Clean

My decision on switching from my Oral-B brush to Goby was an excellent one. While I've been an avid user of Oral-B for the past decade, I'm so glad I made the switch. Goby has surpassed my expectations and that clean, "just got a cleaning from my dent... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Lancaster, SC

Tooth or Consequences

Throughout my seventy-three trips around the sun I haven’t always been conscientious about taking care of my teeth. Hence the number of caps and crowns. In an effort to improve, I have tried several electric toothbrushes and have not really been happy... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Woodbridge, VA


I had a wealth of dental problems and learned poor dental hygiene at an early age. I could never get into the habit of brushing consistently, and even when I started to be better about it other brushes didn't fit my mouth comfortably so that I was mot... Continue Reading