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Verified Goby Owner
Dallas, TX

Louder than Sonicare, but I love the black monochrome aesthetic!

I was a prior user of Sonicare, (7 years) but had stopped using it for some reason and started using Dr Collins Perio manual toothbrushes (3 years). However, my last dental visit resulted in my dentist asking me to consider using an electric toothbrus... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Gaithersburg, MD


Literally and Figuratively. My teeth (with using activated charcoal toothpaste) are shiny and white. The idea, form factor, color, and battery life far surpass OralB or Phillip's, etc... Bought two and my husband and I look forward to brushing....yes. I said it.

Verified Goby Owner

A toothbrush in a league of its own

Goby hits the sweet spot between slightly awkward old-fashioned electric toothbrushes and inefficient handheld ones. It’s effective and easy to use, with a sleek look as an additional plus!

Verified Goby Owner
Boston, MA

Pretty clean !

The aesthetic is obviously a welcome addition to my bathroom. Being a designer I think you guys did a really good job. The functions are simple and easy to use. The brush isn’t abrasive so my sensitive teeth thank you. One thing I’ve had trouble with ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Antioch , CA

Goby Love

Just saying—the money I’ve spent for this toothbrush is some of the best I’ve ever spent. It’s well worth it and your dental hygiene will thank you. I love my Goby!

Verified Goby Owner
Rock ledge, FL

Everything I expected!

Great quality. Loved that I could get it in solid black. The brush and speed made my teeth feel clean. The charge holds up for a long time and a life time garenteed! Great purchase.

Verified Goby Owner
San Diego, CA

LOVE love love!!!

I have been lazy and putting off getting an electric toothbrush since they are all expensive and not the cutest. I love the style and sleekness of the Goby toothbrush. I got the pink one! I have been using it for two weeks and already notice my teeth ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner

Great Toothbrush

The Goby brush is great! I like that it times the brushing and also has settings for sensitive teeth. I feel like my mouth is cleaner than with any other toothbrush I've tried!

Verified Goby Owner
Pittsburg, CA

Smiling More

This is my second review! I wanted to wait until my semi annual dental cleaning. After my cleaning, my dentist said, “whatever you’re doing, Keep it up!” It’s confirmed... I’m a customer for life! My favorite toothbrush ever!!

Verified Goby Owner
Robbinsdale , MN


I love that Goby makes toothbrushes beautiful, elegant, and design-driven! You can be stylish in any aspect of life, and we should all be excited about oral care and treat ourselves accordingly! Love love love everything about this product. Made pe... Continue Reading