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Verified Goby Owner
Falcon, CO

Best ever!

I am 75 years young. I have used a variety of dental appliances - this the best electric toothbrush I have ever used, surpassing another well-known top brand that I have used for 20 years. I like the top speed, but I love the two-speed capability. ... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Nashville, TN


I am a Dental Hygienist & love using my Goby brush. My favorite features of the brush is that it is an efficient size & travels well. I will continue using & recommending this brush to patients.

Verified Goby Owner
Winchester , VA

Love it!

My teeth and mouth feel so clean after I brush.

Verified Goby Owner
Utica, NY

Clean Teeth!!!

Wow! I love my Goby toothbrush. My teeth feel so clean after using it. I love how it has a timer and you can really brush your teeth for the whole recommend two minutes! Definitely couldn't achieve that on my own!

Verified Goby Owner
Brooklyn, NY

It's great

I love the blackness and the function. My one small complaint is that the brush does not stand by itself.

Verified Goby Owner
New York, NY

Goby all the way!

Goby makes me look forward to brushing my teeth.. something I never thought I’d say! I’m obsessed and it’s so nice that they’ll send me replacements so everything stays clean and fresh :)

Verified Goby Owner
Fairfield, CT

Excellent toothbrush!

First time I used this toothbrush it felt like I just had come from the dentist. It cleans your teeth very well and I like that there is a setting for sensitive teeth. I'd highly recommend!

Verified Goby Owner
Wakefield, MA

It’s like going to the dentist 2x a day

Absolutely love it! My teeth have never felt cleaner!! It’s literally like going to to the dentist 2x a day without being miserable after

Verified Goby Owner
Brooklyn, NY

My teeth feel cleaner, I like how it looks, a bit cumbersome though

I'm glad I bought the Goby. My teeth do feel cleaner, and I mostly like using it. It's a bit too large and unwieldy. I found it pretty uncomfortable to use for the first week or so - perhaps that'd be true with any electric toothbrush.. I've never used one before. I like how it looks a lot.

Verified Goby Owner
Spring City , PA

So clean!

Best electric toothbrush I have ever used! The compact design makes it comfortable to use. I love that the built-in timing feature lets you know when to switch sections so you don’t end up over or under brushing any areas. The design of the magnetic c... Continue Reading