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Verified Goby Owner
San Diego, CA


We had Quips before switching to Goby and WOW! I've never had an oscillating toothbrush before mostly because I was never a fan of how large other electronic toothbrushes were and how huge their charging bases normally are. Goby took care of ALL of th... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Woodstock, GA

Brush head

I love my goby, it’s modern style and performance are wonderful. I wish that there was an option of bristle stiffness. I , personally would like my bristles to be slightly stiffer. Sincerely, WM KASSIS II

Verified Goby Owner
Roscoe, IL

Best toothbrush I’ve ever had

The way this works I feel like I’ve just left the dentist every time. And the timer on it helps me to brush evenly which is so genius. I used to brush mostly just one area for five minutes because I would space out or multitask while brushing. Goby keeps my tooth hygiene pristine!

Verified Goby Owner
Sicklerville, NJ

Best ever!

My boyfriend and I were so scared ordering this at first because it’s highly priced for a tooth brush. In reality it’s the best toothbrush ever !!! Soooo recommended

Verified Goby Owner
salem, VA

Getting back into a proper routine

I used to only brush my teeth once a day! Since getting my Goby I’ve been brushing day and night and been thoroughly enjoying it! Thanks Goby for helping me take care of my skeleton cleaning needs!

Verified Goby Owner

A family of 3 Goby toothbrushes...

I'm happy with our Goby toothbrushes. They are a great value and do an excellent job. My son and husband are doing a great job brushing their teeth on the regular now and the successful dentist appointments are happy times.

Verified Goby Owner
Sweetwater , TX

I love Goby!!

New brush head come in the mail, holds a charge for a long time, feels nice in my hand, sensitive setting. Just a great toothbrush!

Verified Goby Owner
Denver, CO


I love my Goby. This toothbrush lasts forever on a single charge. The replacement heads are sent to your house whenever you schedule them. I’ve honestly recommend this toothbrush to everyone that has asked me about it. It’s affordable and it works gre... Continue Reading

Verified Goby Owner
Lovell, WY

Goby toothbrush

I am very pleased with my Goby so far. I love the self-timer feature and so do my teeth. It helps them get rhe attention rhey need. Replacement brush heads arrive on time. Great product!

Verified Goby Owner

Clean feeling, but some frustrating aspects

My wife and I love how it cleans, but several issues have cropped up that make using our Goby's frustrating. Our brush heads keep vibrating up and don't stay "fitted" to our toothbrushes when we are using it. When this occurs, water starts dripping... Continue Reading